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 Pool Fence
    Guidelines for building an effective swimming pool fence.
 Vinyl Fence
    The popularity of vinyl fence and decking.
 Bamboo Fence
    Residential bamboo fencing.
 Dog Fences
    Fencing for dog owners.
 Install Vinyl Fence
    How to install a vinyl fence.
 Fence Estimates
    Estimate How Much Your New Fence Will Cost.

Fence Estimates

The cost of a fence can vary widely depending on what material and style is used, what the perimeter of the fence will be, and the degree of difficulty the terrain is to build on. A fence contractor will provide you with a reasonable fence estimate, including costs of labor, before you sign a contract. If you are building the fence yourself, you can save on labor costs. Use these estimates to determine the approximate cost. Find out more information on obtaining an estimate for a new fence.

Fence Design

When considering fence design for a yard or garden, there are many factors to take into consideration. First, consider the function you need from your chosen design. Do you need a tall, solid fence for privacy, or will a shorter one, perhaps with an open design, suit your needs? Does the fence need to keep animals or children in (or out)? Next, think about the style. Are there local codes that need to be considered? What design seems most appropriate for your home style and neighborhood?

Panel fence

Popular fence styles are often sold in prebuilt panels, making installation faster and easier. It’s a good practice when installing this type of fence to dig the posts one at a time, rather than in advance, to make sure that the panels will align properly. Prefabricated fence panels come in various widths and a wide variety of materials, including cedar, vinyl, bamboo, and wrought iron, among others.

Fence Estimate Specifications

  • Fabric mesh
  • End posts (aka terminal posts)
  • Line posts (aka stretch posts)
  • Top rail tubing
  • Rail ends
  • Tension bands
  • Tension bar
  • Post caps (aka post accessory)
  • Tie wires
  • Loop caps
  • Brace bands
  • Concrete

Fence gates

No fence is complete without a gate that allows access to the property. Most gates are made of the same material and in the same design as the surrounding fence, but height and material variations can add interesting effects. Whatever material you choose for your fence gate, it needs to be durable and weather-resistant. Some common gate materials include wood, wrought iron, vinyl, aluminum, or steel. Gates can be purchased from a reliable fencing contractor and also in kit form.

Fence repair

If your fence has been damaged by animals or the elements, the first step it to determine whether you need to repair or replace it. If you choose to repair it, follow these fence repair steps: First pry the damaged section out and remove all nails. Purchase the new fencing material, buying the same style and material for the repair as in the rest of the fence if at all possible. Finally, you will need to restain or repaint the entire fence, as the repaired section will undoubtedly be less a weathered color.

Sell More Fence from the Jobsite

Referrals from happy customers are a great way to attract new business to your fence company, but there’s an easier way to drum up new business while working on a jobsite. As the fence goes up, you have great visibility in the surrounding neighborhood, and if neighbors like the look of the fence being built, you can sell new business then and there. The trick is to be prepared. Before you start work, post a sign advertising the name of your fence company, including a phone number passers-by can call for more information. It is also helpful to include the types of fencing your company provides (wood, vinyl, ornamental) and any other services (parts, repairs, gate adjustments). Make sure your crew members carry business cards with them and are willing to stop work for a moment to chat with potential customers who have questions. With a little foresight and creative marketing, you can turn one fence job — or even a fence repair — into new business for your company.

Fence wholesale, fence supply, fence material

Fence materials can be purchased retail at local fence companies and big-box home improvement stores. Other suppliers can be found online, where literally hundreds of wholesalers supply fence materials via their Web storefronts. The advantages of using a traditional fence company, of course, are the variety of materials offered and the availability of expert labor.

Fence companies, fence contractors

Fence contractors offer some of the highest quality fencing materials as well as expert installation. These local companies often provide free
fence estimates and will provide competitive bids on each commercial or residential fence job. For help in finding a local fence company, check your local phone book under “fence” or the American Fence Association Web site. It provides a contractor search of all AFA members nationwide.

Fence software for estimates

The job of a residential or commercial fence estimator has changed significantly with the advent of the computer. Today, fence estimate software can breakdown a large job into an exact list of materials in seconds. Fence software can also track inventory, calculate labor rates, and create detailed show drawings or fence lines and gates. A fence estimate software system will allow a person with only small knowledge of the fence industry accurately estimate fence jobs of any size.

American Fence Association

Based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and founded in 1962, the American Fence Association is the world’s largest organization representing the fence, deck, and railing. It has hundreds of members nationwide, all of whom agree to abide by the American Fence Association Statement of Business and Ethical Practices. It also publishes fence industry newsletters. Fence information and a contractor search can be found on its Web site, www.americanfenceassociation.com.
chainlink fabric mesh
Chain Link mesh fabric.

Fence Estimates

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